Fancy a tour of our van?

Our campervan once started it's life as an ordinary panel van, probably destined for long journeys up and down the motorway as a courier's van or perhaps used by a builder as a mobile toolbox. Who knows? All I do know is that it has been completely transformed by Ben (with very little help from me) into a beautifully cosy but functional home-on-wheels!

The van is a 2008, 2.5 TDI, medium wheel base Volkswagen Crafter.

Despite it being a MWB, we have managed to squeeze a lot into the space; we have a fixed double bed, a shower & an actual kitchen with an oven & fridge!

So, if you fancy checking it out and having a proper look at how we have utilised our space, then i'll leave our van tour video here for you to watch!

Thank you for reading!