What's The Best Fridge For My Campervan?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

In this blog, I'll be sharing an honest review about the fridge that we have in our campervan, along with the reasons why we chose it. I will also be providing some information about it's competitor, so that you are armed with all the facts you need to make a decision about which fridge is best for you.

Please note: This blog contains affiliate links to the items mentioned and should you make a purchase, we will earn a very small commission.

We originally didn't have a fridge in our van conversion, but a large pull-out drawer that housed a cool-box. That was partly because we thought we could manage with that alone and also, I'll be honest, we didn't want to spend the money on what we thought was a very expensive item. However, now that we have one, it's become one of our favourite features of the van and we're not sure how we coped without it!

You might be able to tell from the photo's that we have an Isotherm Cruise Elegance 12v Fridge. We went for the 85l due to the fact that this was an addition to an already built van and we had to utilise the space we had, however this size is perfect for our needs and we probably wouldn't want a bigger one if given the option. This fridge comes in a range of sizes from 42l up to 130l. We also went with this brand as we believe it provides better value for money.

Here are some stats about the Isotherm Cruise Elegance 12v Fridge Range:

  • Built-in, silent, high efficient, fan cooled 12/24V Danfoss / Secop compressor

  • Innovative vent-lock system (to prevent mould)

  • Easy fit installation solutions

  • Extra thick door insulation for low power consumption

  • Ready for Isotherm Smart Energy Control

  • White LED internal lighting

  • 4-litre freezer compartment with door

  • Customisable door panel and handle

  • Optional fixing frames

Overall, we are very happy and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a 12v compressor fridge. We have had no problems with it at all and it's very quiet, which is essential when you sleep just above it! For us, there is ample space for produce, which means we could easily go off-grid for a week without the need to go to a shop. The freezer compartment is an added bonus and being able to have ice creams on our adventures is an absolute game-changer!

To be honest, we have struggled to find a negative with this fridge and the only thing we can think of is, which is more of a suggestion for improvement rather than a negative is the fact that the installation wire that comes with the fridge isn't quite long enough. If your batteries are anywhere other than right next to the fridge, then you may find that you'll have purchase extra wire to lengthen it ... but we are really are nit-picking!

You can purchase an Isotherm Cruise Elegance in your choice of size here:

42l | 49l | 65l | 85l | 110l | 130l

Please note: some links may or may not be available dependent on stock levels.

Now, this is the only compressor fridge that we have had any experience with and whilst we love it, we have nothing to compare it to. So I will provide some information about a similar fridge that is on the market, so that you can make your own decision.

Waeco-Dometic CRX Coolmatic 12v Compressor Fridge

This fridge comes with a completely removable freezer compartment which can create a larger fridge space. The Dometic technology has added benefits of low energy consumption, this means that it can easily run on solar panels. The CRX range has a layer of polyurethane insulation to maintain the cool temperatures inside. Low energy consumption combined with the polyurethane insulation makes for a great combination. The range comes in sizes from 50l to 140l.


  • 3 in 1 solution with removable freezer compartment: cooling, freezing or both at the same time.

  • Intelligent electronic control of the compressor speed - up to 25% less energy consumption

  • Condensed drainage via hose connection

  • Automatic reverse pole connection

  • Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics

  • Fan speed automatically adjusts to the ambient temperature

  • Perfect temperature control due to new design soft touch panel

  • Bright LED light with infrared sensor

  • Door lock with dual function

  • Stainless steel door

  • Standard or flush mount installation frame

  • 230V connection with low priced mains adaptor

You can purchase a Waeco-Dometic CRX in your choice of size here:

50l | 65l | 80l | 110l | 140l

Please note: some links may or may not be available dependent on stock levels.

Thank you reading this blog, we hope you have found it useful in your search for a 12v compressor fridge!